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In such a polluted and busy world people need natural and pure things which help them to enhance their health but as we know in this fabricated society everything we get isn't chemical-free or pure. Aarnav Global Exports provides Natural Essential Oils in Wholesale and retail with a wide range of variety because we hold diverse flora and we are still adding on new exotic fragrances and essential oils in our catalog.

Essential oil is a natural product extracted from various plant species. It is a natural hydrophobic concentrated liquid that holds volatile components. Essential oil term itself means ‘essence’ and therefore it holds the essence and fragrance of that particular plant. Aarnav Global Exports maintains to contain every ‘essence’ of the plant in each essential oil. The prominent method which is followed for the extraction of essential oils is steam distillation but there are various other methods too such as cold press, expression, co2 extraction, solvent extraction, etc. we are an Essential Oils India company but we also provide it overseas.

There are numerous health, hair, and skin benefits that we can get from several essential oils such as averting stress and anxiety, treating migraine and headaches, alleviating sleeping issues, soothing inflammation, enhancing work performance, nourishing your skin, strengthening your hair, curing respiratory and congestion problems, heal wounds, treat nausea and digestive issues, maintains and manages blood pressures and diabetes, cures various skin issues, avert oily scalp and dandruff. As essential oil has antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. We give Pure Essential Oil Wholesale so there might not be any shortage of its goodness for you.

Here are the uses of essential oils as follows:

1. These essential oils are used in various aromatherapies

2. It is used in creating various fragrances of perfumes

3. It is used in the making of several cosmetics products

4. This essential oil is used in the making of skincare items

5. It is used in the making insect repellent

6. It works as a flavoring agent in numerous food and beverages

7. These essential oils help in creating body care products

8. It is used in the formation of various medicines

9. It also works as a scented room or home freshener 

Precautionary measures to take while using essential oil 

It is always advised to use essential oil only after diluting it with a carrier oil as without dilutions it may affect your skin and may cause inflammation and skin issues. A few essential oils are not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, therefore, use them only after listening to your personal professional doctor's advice, do keep it away from infants and toddlers, essential oil should not be ingested, essential oil should be put in your eyes or any mucous membrane parts.

Aarnav Global Exports with authentication provides the natural essential oil to each and every household. As we hold the certification of it and on our customer demands we can even provide them with our certifications, therefore, our company sells pure, natural and chemical free essential oils.

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What are Pure Essential Oils used for?

Pure essential oils are used for various hair, skin, and health benefits. As it naturally treats the issues and tries to prevent them from coming back.

Can we get these Essential Oils Wholesale?

Yes, you can get these essential oils wholesale. 

Who supplies these essential oils?

Natural Essential Oils Supplier of this company supplies these essential oils.

Who is the natural essential oil manufacturer of the above-mentioned essential oils?

Aarnav Global Export is the Natural Essential Oil Manufacturers of the above-mentioned essential oils.

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