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Natural cosmetic butter is an amazing gift from nature, meant for skincare and hair care. Any skin cream, lotion, body butter, or ointments cannot be imagined without natural cosmetic butter. It is a critical moisturizing ingredient in skincare products. The butter also improves the consistency of the formulations. It can be applied directly to skin or hair to alleviate dryness, scars, UV rays damage, and itching. 

Natural cosmetic butter is available in a solid or semi-solid form to the users. Natural Cosmetic Butter Manufacturers derive it from seeds or kernels of different plants. The kernels are ground to make a paste and then it is boiled to skim the melted butter layer, leaving the scum containing impurities. 

The butter contains two main components - minerals and oils. These components are complimentary for skincare functioning of each other. Minerals help treat multiple skin conditions and the oil component works as a medium to transfer the minerals to the skin.

The users pick the natural cosmetic butter based on the aroma, rate of absorption, the content of natural fatty acids, sun protection factors, and method of extraction. Aarnav Global Export - an established natural cosmetic butter supplier - provides the most preferred Natural Cosmetic Butter such as shea, mango, avocado, cocoa, and kokum in bulk to industrial users worldwide.

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