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Petit Grain Essential Oil

(Citrus Aurantium)
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Botanical Name : Citrus Aurantium
Cas# : 8028-48-6
Color : Yellow to slightly orange in colour with bitter, citrusy aroma.
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Cold Pressed
Constituents : Limonene, myrcene, linalyl acetate, linalool, ß-pinene and a-pinene
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol & Oil and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 0.840 - 0.860
Flash Point : 75°C
Optical Rotation : 88° to +97°
Source : Fruit Peel


Petit Grain Essential Oil Manufacturers and EO Description

The Petit Grain Essential Oil Manufacturers extract a thin, transparent liquid with a tinge of yellow from the leaves and twigs of bitter orange plants through steam distillation. The petit grain essential oil has fresh, sweet with a subtle floral scent with woody characteristics. Petitgrain essential oil contains antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial, detoxifying, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of petit grain essential oil contains aromatic properties.

The petit grain essential oil blends well with black pepper, frankincense, pine, bitter orange, neroli, sandalwood, rosewood, lavender, rosemary, and Cinnamon. The petit grain essential oil suppliers also provide other oils for blending.

The Petit Grain Essential Oil Suppliers offer the oil for all the benefits and use mentioned above to everyone worldwide.

Petit Grain Essential Oil

Ways to Use Petitgrain Essential Oil

To induce sleep alleviates stress, anxiety, and depressing thoughts, take five to six drops of petitgrain essential oil in boiling water or a steam diffuser. You can also add such an amount of petitgrain essential oil in 1l of a spray bottle and use it in your room for better results.  

Mix three drops of petitgrain essential oil for your skin and three drops of Lavender essential oil with your lotion or aloe vera. Blend them well and apply the mixture to your body. Massage properly for better absorption.

Take two drops of onion essential oil for your hair and three to four drops of petitgrain essential oil and mix them with slightly warm coconut oil. Massage your hair for 10 minutes and thoroughly apply the mixture all over your hair, from roots to tips. Wash your hair the next morning with lukewarm water. Follow this procedure twice to thrice a week.

Petit Grain Essential Oil

Petit Grain Essential Oil Wellness Benefits

Petit Grain Essential Oil helps in dealing with respiratory problems like trouble in breathing and blocked nasal path. Petit grain is also beneficial in treating many skin problems like painful acne, spots, blackheads, whiteheads, insect bites, etc. Moreover, it is also used to maintain the moisture and pH level of the skin. 

Many people around people use petitgrain essential oil to eliminate the abnormal sweating problem. The scent of oil relieves stress, relaxes the mind, and eliminates negative thoughts. Moreover, many people use the scent of PetitGrain Essential Oil to ward off insects from their homes.


Parent Plant Overview

Petitgrain is an essential oil that is mainly extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree. The essential oil is made through the process of steam distillation. Petitgrain is also known as petitgrain bigarade. Bitter orange is a citrus tree that is native to Southeast Asia. However, the cultivation of bitter oranges is spread in different parts of the world.

Bitter orange is a cross between the pomelo and the mandarin orange. Besides bitter oranges, petit grain oil is also extracted from the neroli plant. However, petit grain oil has its unique characteristics.

Petit Grain Essential Oil Applications

Petitgrain essential oil is widely used in skin and hair cosmetics, perfumes, and scented products due to its intoxicating scent. It is also used in skin cleansing products to give healthy and smooth skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the petit grain essential oil is added in many medicines, especially for pain-relieving medicines. It is also widely used in aromatherapy in many parts of the world.

Word of Caution

As a petitgrain essential oil manufacturer, we advise using this oil in dilution. Avoid its application near eyes and on open wounds and cuts. Its intake should be in dilution and as per the advice of a medical practitioner.


Cool and dry place, away from direct Sunlight.

Documents Available For Quality Verification

We hold the documents of certificates of analysis (COA) in which you get our item specification of color, odor & supplementary details, gas chromatography (GC) represents the pictorial workflow & demonstrates the percentage of the ingredient, and mass spectrometry (MS) provides illustrations of the constituents of the thing & its proportion.  

Global Coverage

Our enterprise delivers the oils in almost all locations of the world as the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world as an international Petit Grain Essential Oil Bulk Supplier. Contact our customer care for the delivery of pure essential oil at your doorstep. 

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