We offer you a wide range of carrier oils, each with its unique texture, aroma, and wellness benefits. Carrier oils are fatty acid (thick in consistency) oils that are used as a medium to transfer myriad Essential Oils, natural butter, or any other substance to the skin pores, cells, and tissues. Their texture allows them to be absorbed well into the skin and reaches all the wellness benefits. 

They act as a fixative or base for therapeutic massage blends, oil dilutions, or personal care products, particularly skincare. They also help to get desirable consistency in diverse cosmetic items. Carrier oils provided by Carrier Oil Suppliers are an integral part of many daily used end products. Besides, they are extensively used for direct application on skin and hair for moisturization and blood circulation. 

We, as carrier oil manufacturers, employ a cold-press method to derive different raw carrier oils from seeds, nuts, or kernels of the natural plants. Raw/Unrefined/Crude carrier oils provide maximum wellness benefits to the skin and hair as their natural beneficial content is intact. They are used in multiple DIY skins, hair, or massage recipes, and personal care product formulations. Whereas refined carrier oils are more suitable for food purposes.

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