Apart from essential oils carrier oils also hold numerous skin and hair benefits that are imbibed in them. They are no less than any essential oil even if they are the ones who carry the essential oil to our skin. Carrier oil is a vegetable oil that is a fatty acid. It is usually extracted from nuts, seeds, and kernels. Every carrier oils hold their own different properties. We are one of the known Carrier Oils Manufacturers and Suppliers. Sometimes its consistency does differ as it can be lighter too. Before using any carrier oil it is important to know and choose a carrier oil according to your skin type. We are a Carrier Oils Wholesale India company.

What is Carrier Oil?

Carrier oil is a base oil as it helps to dilute the essential oil and to make them safe enough to be used topically. Usually, these oils have a mild scent or fatty odor and hold from pale to yellow to amber. They have base, middle, middle-base, and base-middle notes. By carrying the essential oil they help to nourish your skin. Carrier Oils remain in the skin for a longer time duration as it does not get evaporated like an essential oil. Therefore it makes Essential Oils stay for a longer time which helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

Benefits of Carrier Oils:

1. Coconut carrier oil helps to reduce inflammation in the skin.

2. Jojoba carrier oil hydrates your skin without clogging the pores of the skin.

3. Argan carrier oil reduces the production of excess oil which helps to prevent acne.

4. Rosehip carrier oil regenerates and nourishes dry and aging skin.

5. Tamanu carrier oil has skin-healing properties as it treats infected wounds. 

6. Avocado carrier oil helps to treat some skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

7. Olive carrier oil nourishes, moistures, and smooths your skin.

8. Grapeseed carrier oil rich in vitamins E and C helps to treat acne-prone skin.

9. Apricot kernel carrier oil helps to lighten and brighten your skin.

10. Evening primrose carrier oil helps to relieve PMS symptoms and also cures hormonal acne.

11. Sweet almond carrier oil helps in treating skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema as it is rich in antioxidants.

12. Castro carrier oil diminishes viruses, cancer cells, fungi, and harmful bacteria, and increases the number of blood cells.

13. Black seed carrier oil helps with weight loss, diabetes, liver and kidney functions.

14. Neem carrier oil cures many skin issues, infections and it also works as insect repellent.

15. Hemp seed carrier oil is a natural pain reliever of joints, muscles, and also avert premature aging.

Uses of Carrier Oil 

1. It is used in creating body oil.

2. It is used in making creams.

3. It is used for forming cosmetics.

4. It is used in creating soaps.

5. It is used in making moisturizer.

6. It is used in forming shampoos.

7. It is used in creating lip balms.

8. It is used in making skin care products.

9. It is used in creating creams.

We supply Carrier Oil in India and also overseas.


What is the shelf life of carrier oils?

Shelf life of carrier oils is 2 years.

Do you supply Carrier Oils in India?

Yes, we do supply carrier oils in India and in other countries too.

Does this company itself is the Carrier Oils Supplier and manufacturer?

Yes, this company itself is the carrier oil supplier and manufacturer.

How do I choose a Carrier Oil

When choosing a carrier oil, consider the following: 

       -Your skin type 

       -The properties of the essential oil or oils you will be using

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