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Massage oils are unique combinations of one or more oils with a base carrier oil for specific purposes. Some essential or carrier oils need to be avoided in certain health conditions, while other essential or carrier oils may need to be included for those conditions. Users also want desirable fragrances during massage to make it worth applying.

Creating massage blends calls for the considerable know-how about the oils and right sourcing of the suitable plant parts or oils on part of the Massage Oil Manufacturers. It needs knowledge of the content, texture, and aroma of each essential and Carrier Oil. Besides, an effective massage blend brings about the right proportion of each oil to provide with particular health benefits and likable fragrance to the users. 

The expert panel at Aarnav Global Export reviews the composition, fragrance, wellness properties, texture, consistency, availability, origin and uses of each oil from time to time. The panel updates data about each oil and its suitability in different massage blends. 

The professionals experiment with different kinds of massage blends, suiting different health conditions, trends, and requirements of the clients. They come up with different massage oils and we, as Massage Oils Suppliers, add them to our dynamic product range. We also offer customized massage oils based on their specifications and our expertise.

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