Traditional medicine systems have been present for years in all civilizations across the world. India’s Ayurvedic Medicine system is not an exception to this. It has been thoroughly developed over time by the sages and ayurvedic practitioners. It relies on plant botanicals to derive health benefits or cure certain ailments. Ayurvedic Herbal Oils are gifts from the Indian Ayurvedic system.

Ayurvedic herbal oils are prepared by infusing herbs in suitable base oils by ayurvedic herbal oils manufacturers. They beautifully combine the nourishing and soothing qualities of an oil with the wellness or healing properties of herbs. They are consumed in different ways such as massage, gargling, nasal passage or colon nourishment, bathing, direct ingestion, or cooking as suggested by ayurvedic healthcare experts or written on the product packaging.

Ayurvedic oils are medicated and possess calming, healing, and curing properties that are transmitted well into tissues of the skin, hair follicles, and body parts. They are essentially made of three components Drava/Qwatha (aqueous extraction of herbs, juice of herbs or milk), Kalka (a fine paste of the herbs), and Sneha Dravya (a vegetable oil). They are used in the ratio of 16:1:4 in ayurvedic herbal oil formulations.

Aarnav Global Export, as an Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Manufacturer, and supplier offers diverse oils made from different components for body massage, hair application, or skin disorders.

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