Our enterprise offers highly preferred and used essential oil 3% dilutions in jojoba oil. They are convenient to use directly in any end-product formulation. And, the waxy nature of golden jojoba oil makes its usage less sticky and more absorbent for the skin. 

Most industrial or end-users consume the distinct essential oils in dilution with the carrier oils. Even the essential oil manufacturers recommend their dilutions in different formulations as per the age of the users. The typically recommended proportion is a maximum of 3 % in any skincare formulation. Our Exotic Oil Dilutions contain 3 % preferred essential oil and 97% golden jojoba oil.

The readymade oil dilutions require less effort and time on users’ part as they can be blended as per requirement in any preparation. Besides, they do not need to spend excess on the expensive essential oil as the dilution already contains essential oil. However, they should get sufficient variants in oil dilutions from the prime oil dilutions suppliers to pick the best aromatic, beneficial dilution.

Our prime oil dilutions are prepared in clean hygienic manufacturing facilities by the flawless process without any adulteration. They include select popular floral, resin, and precious wood Essential Oil dilutions. 

Have a look at our collection of 3% oil dilutions from Aarnav Global Export - an advanced prime Dilution Oils Wholesale Supplier!

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