Oleoresins are a useful, aromatic, and flavourful combination of resin and oil obtained from distinct plant parts by using nonaqueous (without water) solvents. As not all plants produce resinous substances, the oleoresins are derived from rich herbal or spice plants by Oleoresin Manufacturers.

Indian spices and herbs plants are a great source of oleoresins. Oleoresins derived from these natural plants attract tremendous demand from the flavor, aroma, and spice lovers and users worldwide. Each Indian herbal or spice plant carries a distinct taste and aroma of its underlined plant. Oleoresins act as excellent taste enhancers in many foods and beverage items, but still, they have not received the deserved recognition, 

Diverse spice/herb-based oleoresins are available in liquid, semi-solid or solid form, they are heavier and contain less volatile lipophilic compounds such as waxes, fatty oils, resins, and fats. They are different from naturally occurring plant balsams. Their extraction involves immense manual efforts that are viable in developing countries such as India.

Aarnav Global Exports, as an oleoresin manufacturer, makes every endeavor to bring quality Oleoresins to users worldwide. We closely supervise the extraction process, leaving no scope for contamination or adulteration. The extracted oil also passes through lab-testing and quality checks to meet the stipulations of the clients.

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