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Research and Development(R&D) Department

Keeping in mind the latest trend, developments, needs, and requirements in the field of natural and aromatic oils, we at Aarnav Global Exports have a separate R&D team as well. This team focuses on researching what new is going on in and around the world in the field of natural essential oils and based on this research; they develop a new range of natural substitutes promoting healthy life and overall physical and mental well-being. We give our level best to maintain continuity in launching our new ranges based on the research conducted. These launches can have products from several categories like aromatic oils, flower and seed-based substitutes, fragrant oils, therapeutic substitutes, and natural massage extracts as well. To make ourselves better than the rest, we keep developing new formulas to give customers what they need and expect, and also improvising the old ones so that they become far better at benefiting human life. We have also conducted several application-based and oriented researches to gain more knowledge about the essential and aromatic oils and the therapeutic properties that they possess. We emphasize on natural essential and aromatic oils because they are known to have some beneficial properties that promote natural healthy living.