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Spice oils are valuable derivatives of highly appreciated Indian spices. Each Indian spice offers different nuances of aroma and taste. But, overall, they offer spicy and warm flavors explored worldwide for the seasoning of savories and food formulations. India contributes more than 60% to the global spices market.

Spice oils are enriched with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. They are concentrated liquids that represent the aroma, flavor, and wellness properties of the respective spices.

Essential oil manufacturers derive these oils from the spices by steam distillation or solvent extraction.  South India is the hub for major spice-related products and spice oils. As spices are household condiments, the spice and spice oils wholesale suppliers are fragmented across the country.

Spice oils offer loads of benefits for the skin, hair, digestive, and respiratory systems. Their intake strengthens the immune system, controls sugar levels, and soothes body pain. They are added to perfumes, massage oils, diffuser blends, and food & beverage items.

Industrial players in pharmaceuticals, food processing, dentalcare product manufacturing, aerosol-making, fragrances, and other industries obtain respective spice oils in bulk from the Spice Oil Manufacturers.

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