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Black Pepper Essential Oil

(Piper Nigrum)
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Botanical Name : Piper Nigrum
Cas# : 8006-82-4
Color : Light Amber to Yellow-Green
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : Commerical
Method Of Extraction : Hydro & Steam Distillation
Constituents : caryophyllene , limonene and camphene.
Solubility : 95% alcohol with a ratio of 1: 5
Specific Gravity : 0.87000 to 0.89000
Flash Point : 166.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Optical Rotation : -10.67°
Source : Fruit


Parent Plant Overview

Black Pepper with its botanical name ‘Piper Nigrum’ is undoubtedly one of the oldest trading products of the east. Over more than 4,000 years, Black Pepper is commonly used for medicinal and culinary usages. As far as composition is considered, black pepper is made of proteins of 25.5%, fibers of 23.6%, carbohydrate of 37.4%, moisture of 4.7%, and fat of 5.3%. It also possesses minerals, potassium (K), calcium (Ca), phosphorus, and magnesium (Mg).


Black Pepper Essential Oil Description

Black Pepper essential oil has a special warm, spicy aroma and dry-woody, something sharp similar to the freshly ground Black Pepper. It is motivating and assists to boost stamina and alertness. Black pepper is commonly used as a therapeutic agent since it has several benefits for health. It works as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. In very small quantities, it is used in perfumery products, and ground black pepper is used in food. Black Pepper assists to endorse healthy blood circulation, food digestion, turning it just right for cooking, and enjoy the wonderful flavor and benefits.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Ways to use the Black Pepper Essential Oil

To ease the distress of constipation, gas, and diarrhea, gets 1–2 drops of black pepper oil inside by adding it to a soup, smoothie, or savory dish. It can also be practical topically to the stomach. To ease muscle injuries and tendonitis, use the black pepper oil topically to the area of worry.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Applications

The user can apply one drop of Black Pepper essential oil to carrier oil and be appropriate to the base of the feet before they go for a winter walk. The chemical condition of the black pepper makes sure for a warming sensation to conquer the area you have applied topically. If you are feeling in under your feet, you can apply Black Pepper oil for better results. Black Pepper is commonly used in Carnation formation with Clove Bud and floral notes named Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang. It is even known as an aphrodisiac, mainly when skillfully merged with more essential oils.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

There are several health benefits associated with black pepper essential oil added by black pepper essential oil manufactures. It gives the right relief from cramps and spasms, perfect for digestive system, arthritis, and rheumatism relief, relief from nasal and sinusitis congestion, answering gas problems, support weight loss, and assist in curing vitiligo. It is also helpful in curing sex drive, menstrual pain, stuffy nose, sinus infection, dizziness, discolored skin (vitiligo), weight loss, and cancer.


Word of Caution

Our laboratory supervisors have observed that Black pepper (Piper Nigrum) a burning aftertaste and it might upset the stomach. As an Essential oil wholesale manufacturer, some people might have an allergy to black pepper.


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To give a long life of the Black pepper Essential oil wholesale Suppliers, you should keep it away from heat and light. Black pepper essential oil white wholesaler suppliers advised keeping essential oils in a dry and cool place. 


Documents Available for Quality Verification

As a Black Pepper Essential oil Manufacturer in India, we present a certificate of analysis, Gas chromatography, and Mass Spectrometry report to the customers for the order delivered on order.


Global Coverage

ARNAV GLOBAL EXPORTS is a renowned Black Pepper essential oil manufacturer in India that supplies top-quality products to different countries. We accept bulk orders from the side of the buyers and modified packaging is made. Meanwhile, it is advised to talk about it with the physician for better results. Black Pepper Oil assists in getting better circulation and can assist to ease the pain of aching muscles.

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