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Sweet Orange Essential Oil

(Citrus Sinensis)
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Botanical Name : Citrus Sinensis
Cas# : 8028-48-6
Color : Pale yellow to orange in color with sweet, fresh, and citrusy aroma.
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Cold Pressed
Constituents : Limonene, beta-Myrcene, alpha-Pinene
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol & Oil and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 0.840 - 0.852
Flash Point : 72°C
Optical Rotation : 94° to +99°
Source : Fruit Peels


Sweet Orange Essential Oil Manufacturers and EO Description:

If you are eager to buy the Sweet Orange Essential Oils Manufacturers, choose the best experts. They must have more experience and knowledge in offering you sweet orange essential oil at a reasonable cost. They also provide a better service for you to make you satisfied and happy. 

The sweet orange oil that you like to make use of can have the ability to blend with some other oils like rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint. If you want to purchase sweet orange oil from the Sweet Orange Essential Oils Suppliers, you can choose the company with a better reputation. It will be a better option for you to buy and use it for some of the necessary needs. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Applications:

Sweet orange oil is one of the best oils for you, and if you want to know about the applications where it is used, you have to read the content clearly. If you require it, you can get it from the Sweet Orange Essential Oils Wholesale agencies, which offer it at a reasonable cost. The orange oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, topical, massage, and medical sectors. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Wellness Benefits:

You can buy the Sweet Orange Essential Oils India, which is the best way to make more changes for great relaxation in your mind. Sweet orange essential oil has a lot of uses, and it offers more health benefits for users. Then it can add a pleasant scent to a room or the products like perfumes and cleaners, as well as flavor various foods and beverages. 


Parent Plant Overview:

Sweet orange oil is one of the best ones that is extracted from the fruit, and the orange tree is of Brazil origin. It is 4 to 6 m high. This fruit has epicarp that can have the ability to turn yellow on ripening, and the experts extract the sweet orange oil from the fruit and make use of it for all the sectors where they require it. It is cultivated initially in Brazil, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, and Israel. 

Flowers, ripe fruits, small, whole, unripe fruits, peels, and juice extract the oil from them. If you hire the Pure Essential Oil Wholesale shop, you can buy it with better quality and at a lesser amount. So, you can choose the best sweet orange oil in the online shops within your budget. 

Ways to Use sweet orange Essential Oil:

As there is a countless Natural Essential Oil, you must choose the suitable one you need. It will be better than buying all the oils and wasting money on your trade. You can use the sweet orange essential oil in your home for many reasons, and it can boost your immunity. It is suitable for your entire body and can keep you active. There are numerous ways to take this effective and excellent sweet orange essential oil

Word of caution:

You have to use the oil in the right way and have to store it in the proper place. You take essential oil with a low nephrotoxicity risk and do not have to use it beyond the expiry date or more than two years. Then you must store it in sealed containers and keep it away from light and health. You can store it in a refrigerator, and people who suffer from allergic reactions to cosmetics, perfumes, or products should avoid it. 


Cool and dry place, away from direct Sunlight.

Certificates for Quality Verification 

We hold the documents of certificates of analysis (COA) in which you get our item specification of color, odor & supplementary details, gas chromatography (GC) represents the pictorial workflow & demonstrates the percentage of the ingredient, and mass spectrometry (MS) provides illustrations of the constituents of the thing & its proportion.  

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Is it easy to use sweet orange oil?

It is easy and practical to use the sweet orange essential oil. Whenever you find any allergic situations, you have to look for this sweet orange essential oil and buy it.

Can it offer me numerous benefits?

There will be many exciting ones for you where you can enjoy using it excellently. If you use this oil, you can gain more benefits. It can make you happier and enjoy when you choose this oil and eliminate all sorts of issues that affect your body. Therefore always choose this excellent oil that gives a hand to you when you suffer from the problems mentioned above.  

What are the purposes of using Sweet orange essential oil? 

People use Sweet orange essential oil for various purposes, such as lifting their mood and reducing stress, treating skin conditions such as acne, reducing pain or inflammation, relieving stomach upset, and is a natural household cleaner.