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Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is one of the most common methods of shipping essential oils in India to other countries in large shipping containers. Under this shipping method, the consignment is packed in shipping containers and a space is booked by the freight forwarder with the agent of the ship. The cargo is loaded on the shipping vessel at the origin port and shipped to another country to the importer. The itinerary is conducted from port to port, port-door, and door to port.

    Some of the benefits of ocean freight or sea freight services are –
  • Ocean freight shipments face fewer restrictions as compared to the air shipment.
  • Shipping of higher volumes of goods is affordable under sea freight shipping than air freight.
  • Ocean freight is more environment-friendly as it emits less emissions of carbon dioxide than air freight.

We at Aarnav Global Exports often use this shipment method to export essential oils to our overseas customers as it is much cheaper and economical as compared to the air freight services.