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Turmeric Root Essential Oil

(Curcuma Longa)
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Botanical Name : Curcuma Longa
Cas# : 8024-37-1
Color : Pale yellow to orange in color with warm, earthy, spicy and pungent aroma.
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Ar-Turmerone, Turmerone, alpha-Zingiberene
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol & Oil and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 0.900 - 0.960
Flash Point : 87°C
Optical Rotation : -30° to +45°
Source : Roots


Turmeric Essential Oil Manufacturer and EO Description:

People acclaimed turmeric root essential oil for its medicinal benefits and extensive usage history in traditional civilizations. Historically, turmeric root oil has been revered for its medical advantages and was extensively included in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Root turmeric benefits lie in its position as a potent therapeutic agent. This oil is noted for its vivid yellow colour and earthy solid scent. It enhances general health and prosperity. 

It ideally increases immunity and supports skin health. This property makes it beneficial for decreasing pain and inflammation linked to numerous ailments, such as arthritis and muscular stiffness.  

Additionally, its antioxidant qualities prevent cells from harm caused by free radicals and vigour. Turmeric root oil is also recognized for creating a bright complexion and helping to cure skin issues. Many enterprises use turmeric for hair growth. Always get this oil from a trusted and renowned turmeric root oil supplier.

Turmeric Root Essential Oil Blends Well With

Turmeric root essential oil blends well with Allspice, Clove bud, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Ginger, Bergamot, Cassia, and cardamom essential oil etc.

Turmeric Root Essential Oil

Turmeric Root Essential Oil Uses:

Turmeric root oil has many uses, here are some turmeric root essential oil uses-

Food Industry

Turmeric root oil is a natural food coloring additive in many food items such as sauces and baked goods to give a brilliant yellow colour and boost visual appeal.


Cosmetics businesses use turmeric oil for skin whitening characteristics. It promotes a radiant complexion and minimizes hyperpigmentation.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Turmeric uses in the form of oil is employed in pharmaceutical formulations for its therapeutic characteristics. It treats inflammatory illnesses and skin ailments. Also, individuals use turmeric essential oil for pain relief.

Aromatherapy business

It is employed in the aromatherapy business for its therapeutic advantages. It is diffused into the air or added to massage oils and bath products to induce relaxation and relieve muscular tension.

Pesticide enterprise

Turmeric root oil is utilized in the pesticide business as a natural insect repellent and pesticide. It helps discourage pests such as ants and termites while decreasing environmental effects compared to synthetic alternatives.

Health Supplements

For its medical characteristics, Turmeric oil is included in health supplements like capsules and tinctures.

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Turmeric Root Essential Oil

Turmeric Root Essential Oil Benefits:

Here are some turmeric oil benefits you should know 

Turmeric oil Anti-Inflammatory possession

Turmeric oil for inflammation reduction is the best option to aid in illnesses like arthritis by suppressing inflammatory pathways and lowering pain and swelling.


It neutralises free radicals and lowers the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer.


Turmeric oil fights microbial illnesses by preventing the development of bacteria and fungi. It increases general health and immunity.

Digestive Aid

It promotes digestion by boosting bile production and alleviating symptoms of indigestion and bloating.

Pain Relief

Turmeric root oil helps pain linked with illnesses by inhibiting pain signals and lowering inflammation.

Skin Health

It promotes skin healing and rejuvenation by reducing acne inflammation and minimising the appearance of scars and blemishes. Due to the multiple benefits of organic turmeric oil for skin, it guarantees good skin health.

Liver Support

Turmeric oil improves liver health by boosting detoxification and guarding against liver damage.

Heart Health

It promotes heart health by decreasing cholesterol levels and avoiding the formation of atherosclerosis.

Immune Booster

Turmeric root oil increases immune function by improving the activity of immune cells. It effectively fights against infections and illnesses.


Parent Plant Overview:

The turmeric plant is a perennial, herbaceous, blooming plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. The plant needs lots of rain and warm weather to grow. This plant's brilliant yellow roots are widely used in cooking. In "The Golden Spice" Since the beginning of time, turmeric has been recognised for its essential therapeutic properties. When ingested internally in the form of powdered turmeric, it not only provides extraordinary benefits for the skin and hair when applied topically, and it also lowers the risk of cancer and improves digestion when consumed internally. 

DIY Formulations

  • Body Scrub: Combine turmeric root oil with olive oil and sugar to produce an exfoliating body scrub. Gently massage over moist skin in circular strokes and then rinse off for soft skin. This is considered the best DIY turmeric oil.
  • Argan oil face Serum: Mix essential oil in turmeric with argan oil to form a refreshing face serum. Apply a few drops to clean the skin before sleep to moisturize and nourish the skin overnight.
  • Body Lotion: Create a moisturizing body lotion by combining turmeric root essential oil with jojoba oil. Mix 4 drops of turmeric root essential Oil with 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil. Apply to skin post-shower for hydrated and radiant skin.
  • Bath Oil: Blend turmeric root oil with grapeseed oil to produce an excellent bath oil. Add a few drops to warm bathwater for a peaceful, scented bath experience that relaxes the body and mind.
  • Facial scrub: Make an exfoliating face scrub by mixing turmeric root essential oil with sweet almond oil. Combine 2 drops of Turmeric Root Essential Oil with 1 tablespoon each of sweet almond oil and sugar. Massage gently over wet skin and then rinse off for a glowing complexion.

Precautions and Warnings

We advise the following precautions as wholesale suppliers of Turmeric essential oil.

  • The Turmeric Root Essential Oil supplier recommends dilution of the product.
  • Before taking during pregnancy or if you have a medical condition, discuss it with a healthcare practitioner.
  • Since some animals may be sensitive to essential oils, care while diffusing around pets.
  • Before applying it to a larger region, it is preferable to perform a skin patch test on the legs.


Cool and dry place, away from direct Sunlight.

Documents Available For Quality Verification

We hold the documents of certificates of analysis (COA) in which you get our item specification of color, odor & supplementary details, gas chromatography (GC) represents the pictorial workflow & demonstrates the percentage of the ingredient, and mass spectrometry (MS) provides illustrations of the constituents of the thing & its proportion.  

Global Coverage 

We are the best turmeric root essential oil manufacturer & our enterprise delivers the oil to almost all locations of the world including the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world.

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