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Get Your Ordered Products Intact In Spill-proof Packaging!

Consult Us for Your Natural Oils Requirements of Any Quantity and Leave Every Concern About Seamless Packaging and Timely Delivery at Your DoorStep to Us!

Leakage-proof packaging has a vital role in the essential oil industry. The essential oil manufacturers take utmost care in delivering products without leakage to all the locations in the world. Moreover, they use the material in packaging that does not interact with the liquids stored in containers to ensure their essence and intended shelf-life. 

Essential Oils

Aarnav Global Exports uses spill-proof aluminum bottles for packaging 1 liter to 25 liters of essential oils, oleoresins, blends, hydrosols, and oil dilutions. It supplies 30 liters to 200 liters of essential oils in airtight pet white or blue barrels. Moreover, it provides attars from 10 ml to one liter in aluminum bottles.

Carrier Oils, Butters

Our enterprise provides carrier oils and butters in blue or white HDPE barrels of 1 kg to 180 kg.

Our aluminum bottles and barrel packaging keep the natural oils clean, safe, and fresh. They do not affect the aroma, composition, or shelf-life of the oils. Besides, the packaging protects the liquids against temperature, moisture, air, and other environmental factors and preserves the natural essence of the products.

Private Labeling

Aarnav Global Exports provides a complete private labeling service, using small-bottle or kit packaging for its valued customers. The private labeling entails packaging essential oils in varying small size amber/cobalt blue glass or pet bottles with the name and logo of clients.

Our enterprise offers customization in essential oils (or other products), size and color of the bottles, label designs, outer packaging, and the number of bottles to be included in the private labeling kit. We offer an extensive range of authentic essential oils or allied products for private labeling being an essential oil wholesale supplier.

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