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Wintergreen Essential Oil

(Gaultheria Procumbens )
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Botanical Name : Gaultheria Procumbens
Cas# : 68917-75-9
Color : Red to reddish pink liquid with a strong sweet-minty, and woody aroma.
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Methyl Salicylate, Limonene, alpha-Pinene
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol & Oil and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 1.160 - 1.195
Flash Point : 93°C
Optical Rotation : -1° to +20°
Source : Leaves


A Brief Introduction to Wintergreen Essential Oil 

Wintergreen Essential Oils Manufacturers are popular in muscle and joint ointments, sports rubs, gels, topical balms, and numbing creams due to their naturally high methyl salicylate content. In fragrance-based treatment, wintergreen oil can be applied as a back rub, ordinarily weakened in transporter oil. The fact that wintergreen oil can be found in root beer, a well-known American drink, makes it unique. Candies, chewing gum, and various cosmetic and personal care products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, all contain wintergreen oil, a common flavoring agent.

The business sold Wintergreen Essential Oils Suppliers of vegetable and fruit powders, natural colors, and extracts from natural foods. The company's products are eco-friendly and long-lasting. The company sells oil- and water-soluble products which are in liquid form.

Wintergreen essential oil blends well with:

Wintergreen Essential Oil Blends Well With Marjoram, Peppermint, Spearmint, Thyme, Lemon, Lavender, Lime, Ylang Ylang and  Oregano Oil etc.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Ways to Use Wintergreen Essential Oil

1. Wintergreen does not just aid in renewing your breath; it can shield gums and teeth from disease and pain.

2. Its use has been well known for a long time, especially by the Local Americans, who utilized the passes to treat respiratory plot diseases.

3. Weakened wintergreen oil can be applied topically or diffused through a vaporizer. It's predominantly utilized for treating or easing specific medical issues.

Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen Essential Oil Benefits

Utilized in fragrance-based treatment applications, Wintergreen Medicinal balm is known to produce a sweet, minty, and to some degree warming woody smell that is presumed to have an elevating, stimulating impact on the mindset, making it ideal for supporting energy during times when the body feels dormant. Its mood-elevating property also helps improve negative outlook, feelings of stress and mental stress, and focus for a recovered sense of emotional stability. Additionally, its strong aroma is said to enhance sensory perception.


Parent Plant Overview

It is generally separated from the leaves of the wintergreen plant. The natural plant material is fermented during the production process. Distillation is the next step to getting a cleaner product. 

The result comprises the whole of methyl salicylate, the dynamic element of Wintergreen Essential Oils in India. Wintergreen essential oil production has declined naturally in favor of synthetic methyl salicylate production. Wintergreen essential oil's active ingredient, methyl salicylate, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and is similar to aspirin.

Wintergreen Essential Oil Applications

Gaultheria Procumbens, more commonly known as Wintergreen, is a shrub with a low growth rate, typically reaching 10 to 15 centimeters. China and Canada are frequent habitats for Gaultheria Procumbens. Wintergreen natural oil is obtained by steam refining the leaves of the plant. It is currently used in gels or massages; the flavor and odor of the Wintergreen are strongly minty. We rank among the largest Wintergreen Essential Oils Wholesale and exporters of oil and other essential oils of the highest quality in India.

Word of caution while using Wintergreen Essential Oil

Methyl salicylate, the active ingredient, can be harmful. As an outcome, you must utilize it with care. Applying pure Wintergreen essential oils with proper dilution won't harm your skin. However, applying a lot of it for delayed periods can be unsafe. Additionally, it can be toxic if consumed in large quantities.

As an effect, these products are normally utilized as anti-seditious and current pain relievers. Wintergreen Essential Oils in India can also be found in repellents and insecticides. But, research recommends that it can be more successful as a fumigant than as a disgusting when evaluating other essential oils.


Cool and dry place, away from direct Sunlight.

Certificates for Quality Verification 

We hold the documents of certificates of analysis (COA) in which you get our item specification of color, odor & supplementary details, gas chromatography (GC) represents the pictorial workflow & demonstrates the percentage of the ingredient, and mass spectrometry (MS) provides illustrations of the constituents of the thing & its proportion.  

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Why do pregnant women avoid the Wintergreen?

Essential oils that have not been diluted are extremely harmful and should not be swallowed at any time, including during pregnancy.

Is wintergreen oil risky?

Wintergreen oil can cause nausea, stomach pain, ear ringing, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and confusion.

How safe is it to use the oil?

It is safe for most adults and in food quantities when used as a medicine. It is unsafe to consume the oil orally.

When to use the Wintergreen?

It very well may be applied on the scalp or hair to eliminate microorganisms, oiliness, and dandruff while adding a new fragrance. The astringent action constricts and strengthens the hair roots.