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Chaulmoogra Oil

(Hydnocarpus Wightiana )
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Botanical Name : Hydnocarpus Wightiana
Cas# : 8001-74-9
Color : Pale yellow to yellow color liquid with a characteristic mild odor.
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Cold Pressed
Constituents : Oleic acid, Stearic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Palmitic Acid
Solubility : Soluble in fixed oils & alcohol and insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 0.950 - 0.960
Flash Point : 228°C
Optical Rotation :
Source : Seeds


More and more people are using Chaulmoogra carrieroil due to its practical health benefits. Originally gathered as seeds, thisoil is used to develop the likes of medicines, cosmetics, and drugs. People areusing a carrier oil to address their skin problems, including psoriasis andeczema—furthermore, it's given intravenously (by IV) for leprosy.

A Brief Description ofChaulmoogra Oil

The oil manufacturers accumulate Chaulmoogra seedsfrom their trees before making the oil. They use distillation to retain the seeds'best attributes, which is later used to develop the oil. During production, theoil looks a pale yellow/brownish color with a mild woodland aroma.

According to the Ayurveda, the civilizations in bothIndia and China used chaulmoogra carrier oil in the earlier times to treatailments like leprosy and rheumatic conditions. They would couple the oil with teatree, chamomile, and lavender to get better benefits.

General PrecautionaryMeasures

Though generally a safe element, Chaulmoogra couldturn hazardous if consumed through the mouth as it contains cyanide. This mightresult in cyanide poisoning. Eventually, it might lead to cough, difficulty breathing,throat spasms, head and muscle pain, kidney damage, visual disorders, andparalysis.

It could also react badly to sensitive skin; hence amedical consultation is suggested before using it.

Additionally, you must not consume the chaulmoogracarrier oil if you are expecting or undergoing pregnancy. 

Chaulmoogra Oil
Chaulmoogra Oil

Excellent Antimicrobial

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Mild Preservative

As mentioned already, chaulmoogra carrier oil has its root deep in Ayurveda medicine. You can use the oil to treat various health issues, starting from hair, nails, and skin. People have previously expressed satisfaction in successfully using the oil to cure their skin diseases. Additionally, you can use it in a cosmetic medium to better nourish your health and physic.

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