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Cassia Spice Oil

(Cinnamomum cassia)
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Botanical Name : Cinnamomum cassia
Cas# : 8007-80-5
Color : Yellowish-brown liquid
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : N/A
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, eugenol
Solubility : Soluble in alcohol and oils, Insoluble in water.
Specific Gravity : 1.0564
Flash Point : 190F
Optical Rotation : -0.13
Source : N/A


Cassia Spice Oil Manufacturer and Description :

The cinnamon cassia tree's leaves, twigs, and bark undergo a steam distillation method to extract spice oil. The tree is a member of the Lauraceae genus. Cassia Spice Oil Manufacturer provides an oil which ranges from brown to yellow and has a viscosity similar to water. Any mental tension, sadness, or emotional stress can be dealt with with the consistent usage of cassia spice oil. 

Cassia Spice Oil

Cassia Spice Oil Application:

1. Due to its fixative characteristics, it is present in making natural colognes, body sprays, soap bars, scented candles, and room sprays. 

2. It also works wonders as the middle note in fragrances. 

3. Makers of room fresheners can use Cassia Spice Oil to create efficient and long-lasting products. 

4. Diffuse this decent cassia spice oil when feeling down or depressed.

Cassia Spice Oil

Cassia Spice Oil Benefits:

1. Cassia spice oil bulk manufacturers and wholesale suppliers provide an oil which has a warmer, cozier aroma with a lighter, softer scent than other spicy oils, and it has the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavor. 

2. When one feels uncertain, diffuse Cassia Essential Oils encouraging, delicate essence to soothe oneself. 

3. It can give the skin and muscles solidity and thus can also be utilized as a muscle toner. 


Parent Plant Overview:

The cinnamon cassia is a 20 meters tall and slender evergreen tree. This tree has little white blossoms with one seed inside its thick spice coats. Its leathery leaves are greyish, and its seeds resemble olives in size and form. It is one of many Cinnamomum species valued for its aromatic bark, which is used as a spice. 

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How does cassia oil improve mood when diffused?

The antidepressant and ecstatic aroma of cassia encourage inner connection and positive self-awareness.

Which oils are suitable to blend with cassia spice oil?

To create a delightful blend, combine it with oils such as Juniper, Bergamot, or Grapefruit.

How does cassia oil benefit when added to bathing water?

The peaceful aroma soothes the entire body while also moisturizing the skin.

Is it suitable to add cassia oil to body rubs?

Yes definitely. The antispasmodic property of cassia provides instant relief from muscle cramps and spasms.

Can one take advantage of cassia oil in skincare products?

Indeed, it bears antibacterial and astringent abilities that augment complexion and skin texture. 

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