(Rosa Damascene)
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Botanical Name : Rosa Damascene
Cas# : 8007-01-0
Color : Clear, water-like liquid
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation :
Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Constituents : Citronellol (30 to 50%), nerol, geraniol, linalool, geranyl acetate, ethanol, phenylethyl alcohol.
Solubility : Soluble in water, insoluble in oils.
Specific Gravity : 0.900 - 1.050
Flash Point : 125.00 °F
Optical Rotation : -2° to -4°
Source : Flowers



Rosa damascene, commonly known as the Damask rose, is a hybrid rose derived from Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. It is a deciduous shrub growing up to 2m tall. It is a cultivated flowering ornamental plant having an origin in the foothills of Central Asia and is known as “Gole Mohammadi '' in Iran. 

From summer to autumn, fragrance flowering has very different shapes, colors, and sizes. The color of the flowers is light to moderate pink to light red, and are relatively small flowers that grow in groups. It is economically a valuable plant with medicinal applications in modern medicine.


Rose damask hydrosol, also known as Gulab Jal or rose water, is derived from the flowers via the steam distillation process using fresh rose petals. This hydrosol is packed with various antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties. This hydrosol is used in flavoring food, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations, and for religious purposes throughout Asia.

Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it acts as an excellent skin cleanser and can be used on any skin type. The rose (damask) hydrosol suppliers provide products that are 100% organic and safe.



Take 1-2 drops in eyes, 2-4 times a day or apply 5-10 ml on affected areas twice a day or as directed by the physician.

•Add a few drops of this floral water into your bathing water, as it soothes irritated skin and eases stress.

•Spritz on your face quite judiciously since its aroma works to calm an overactive mind and exudes positive vibes.

•Add a few drops of this hydrosol in place of water for DIY facial or body creams to get naturally radiant skin.

Precautionary Measures!

Excessive use of this hydrosol can irritate skin and affect internal consumption; to avoid this, you should consult your doctor properly.



The rose (damask) hydrosol holds various effective medicinal properties such as its cooling and hydrating properties, refreshing skin cells and maintaining healthy skin. Due to its antiseptic properties and the hydrosol that can prompt the creation of histamines by the immune system, it has been shown to prevent and treat infections. It is frequently used in diffusers as it uplifts mood and brings balance and harmony to the mind and exhausted body. 

Rose damask hydrosol is inhaled to help improve mood, and it is believed that the de-stressing effects can treat headaches and migraines. This rose damask hydrosol is an excellent natural energizer and mood enhancer with confidence, peace, and optimism.


Due to the numerous therapeutic properties, rose (damask) hydrosol is

an important ingredient for making hydrating creams, lotions and natural face masks for dull, congested and oily skin. It is often used as an air freshener as it helps create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This floral water is widely used in skin care applications, face mist and spritzer, and skin toner for naturally glowing skin.

The rose (damask) hydrosol provider offers the highest-quality product to the customer.



Being aqueous base solution ( water-based solution ) makes them more susceptible to contamination and bacteria, which is why the rose (damask) hydrosol wholesale suppliers highly recommend storing the hydrosol in cool, dark places, away from sunlight. 

Documents Available For Quality Verification

As rose (damask) hydrosol exporters, we provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which gives specifications of the product's color, odor, and other information.

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Our enterprise delivers the products in almost all locations of the world as the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world as an international rose (damask) hydrosol supplier. Contact our customer care for the delivery of hydrosols at your doorstep.

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