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Chamomile German Hydrosol

(Matricaria chamomilla)
Product Code : AG-Hy-001
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Botanical Name : Matricaria chamomilla
Cas# : 8002-66-2
Color : Thin, deep blue
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation :
Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Constituents : Bisabolol, azulene
Solubility : Completely soluble in water
Specific Gravity : @20°C: 0.920 -1.050
Flash Point : 220 °F
Optical Rotation : @20°C: 1.3730 -1.3760
Source : Flower tops


Chamomile German Hydrosol Manufacturer and Hydrosol Description

Chamomile German Hydrosol is an extract of the steam distillation of Chamomile flowers. Generally preserved with leucidal liquid SF, a natural preservative, it provides an alternative to Essential Oils and other hydrosols. It can even be used on susceptible areas such as the eyes. The sweet tea aroma of this Hydrosol is helpful emotionally and energetically, and it is relaxing and highly beneficial for easing anger, anxiety, irritation, and depression.

Throughout history, German Chamomile has been used for its excellent sedative, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

The Chamomile German Hydrosol Suppliers provide you with the best quality of the product; you can also order oils for blending purposes.

Chamomile German Hydrosol

Ways to Use Chamomile German Hydrosol

Dip a cotton ball into the Hydrosol, then apply it over your face to cleanse. It starts its action deep into the skin pores, removes dead cells, and impurities.

This hydrosol makes refreshing body mist by itself. Store it in a fine mist spray bottle and apply it directly over your body any time of day.

Dip a cotton ball in this Hydrosol and start wiping in a concentric circle or a linear motion over the wound. It promotes faster healing and decreases the potential for infection.

You can add this Hydrosol to a diffuser to get a restful sleep.

Add a little quantity of this Hydrosol in your bath water daily to get refreshing and healthy skin. This Hydrosol is so gentle that you can also use this for bathing your babies as well.

Chamomile German Hydrosol

Chamomile German Hydrosol Wellness Benefits

Chamomile German Hydrosol is used to treat skin inflammations, skin irritation, dermatitis, rashes; it soothes burns, minor cuts, wounds, helps ease pain, and assists in faster healing. The floral fragrance of this Hydrosol creates a peaceful environment that helps alleviate anger, anxiety, stress, and other mild mental disorders. Numerous people add this extract to an ultra diffuser for better sleep and promote emotional & mental well-being.

 Due to its predominant anti-inflammatory property and pacifying effects, it is widely used to treat pain and inflammation caused by gastrointestinal disorders. Often the use of this hydrosol can be helpful to prevent dandruff, strengthen hair, thereby promoting hair growth.

 The Chamomile German Hydrosol provider offers the most gentle and safe Hydrosol for all ages and stages with no added artificial fragrance.


Parent Plant Overview

German Chamomile is also known as Matricaria chamomilla, belongs to a composite family Asteraceae. It is an annual herbal plant grown all over Europe and a few parts of Australia and North America. The chamomile flowers bloom in early to midsummer and have a strong, aromatic smell. They contain blue essential oil, which gives it the characteristic odor and therapeutic properties.

This plant is known mainly for treating skin irritation, gastrointestinal disorders and as a gentle sleep aid. Chamomile tea, considered a traditional folk remedy in various parts of the world, treats multiple health issues.


Chamomile German Hydrosol Applications

The extensive properties of Chamomile German Hydrosol make it favorable to be used as an ingredient in essential, facial, and hair oil, creams, moisture masks, toner, and lotions. Its pleasing sweet fragrance is utilized in perfumes, cosmetics, room sprays, and skincare products.

Furthermore, the Essential Oils derived from it are widely used as an anti-cancer, antibacterial and antioxidant agent. It can even be used in food and beverages as a flavoring agent.


Aqueous base solution (water-based solution) makes them more susceptible to contamination and bacteria, so the Chamomile German Hydrosol Wholesale Suppliers recommend storing the Hydrosol in cool, dark places, away from sunlight.

Documents Available For Quality Verification

As Chamomile German Hydrosol Exporters, we provide the following necessary documentation for the quality verification of our product.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) - It gives specifications of the product's color, odor, and other information.

Global Coverage:

Our enterprise delivers the products in almost all locations of the world as the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world as an international Chamomile German Hydrosol Supplier. Contact our customer care for the delivery of Hydrosols at your doorstep.

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