(Citrus limon)
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Botanical Name : Citrus limon
Cas# : 8020-19-7
Color : Pale yellow to yellow liquid
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation :
Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Constituents : Pale yellow to yellow liquid
Solubility : Soluble in water, insoluble in oil
Specific Gravity : 0.75 to 0.85
Flash Point : 122°F
Optical Rotation : +60 – +70
Source : Fruit Peels



Lemon is a small evergreen tree under the family Rutaceae native to Asia, particularly in various regions of India, Burma and China. Scientifically known as Citrus limon, lemon is renowned for its distinctive sour taste and citrus aroma, and the bright yellow fruit is used for culinary purposes.

For many centuries, lemon has been used as a vital addition to a variety of food, drinks, marinades; the soft green leaves of lemon are still drunk as a medicinal tea that helps weight loss and also treats diverse ailments. They are still the primary commercial source of citric acid and are rich in Vitamin C, an essential nutrient required by our body.


Lemon hydrosol is a zesty and fresh aromatic fluid extracted from ripe yellow lemons via steam distillation. This hydrosol solo has numerous benefits but to gain additional usefulness, blend it with cypress, jasmine, lavender, neroli, ylang-ylang or grapefruit hydrosol. The lemon water is loaded with powerful antioxidants, hence widely used for therapeutic purposes.


Due to the wide range of culinary and non-culinary benefits of lemon hydrosol, it is suitable for making skin toner, masks, 

acne removing creams, face washes to rejuvenate skin. It is also added in countless cosmetics, anti-ageing products that reduce wrinkles plus dullness; as makeup removers, it maintains your skin's ph.

Many users add this hydrosol to their regular bathing water for relaxation, while others diffuse the balsamic, citrusy undertones into the air, promoting peace and exuding a peaceful ambience. The lemon hydrosol provider offers the highest-quality product to the customer.

Precautionary Measures!

• Avoid its contact with the eyes or mucus membranes

• If you have sensitive skin, then it is always recommended to consult your doctor before using lemon hydrosol.

• It can cause wheezing if used in excess amounts.

• As there is not much clarity on the use of lemon hydrosols on pregnant and lactating women.

• If suffering from thyroid, avoid any usage of lemon hydrosols.

• If you have diabetes and also use lemon hydrosols, always check your blood sugar levels as this floral water can lower your blood sugar levels.


Being aqueous base solution ( water-based solution ) makes them more susceptible to contamination and bacteria, which is why the lemon hydrosol wholesale suppliers highly recommend storing the hydrosol in cool, dark places, away from sunlight. 

Documents Available For Quality Verification

As lemon hydrosol exporters, we provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which gives specifications of the product's colour, odour, and other information.

Global Coverage

Our enterprise delivers the products in almost all locations of the world as the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world as an international lemon hydrosol supplier. Contact our customer care for the delivery of hydrosols at your doorstep.



• Sprinkle it on your face to eliminate scars, dark spots or blemishes, providing natural radiance to the skin

• Spritz it as a linen spray on your laundry to maintain freshness and make them smell good

• Add a few drops of lemon hydrosol into your bathing water to keep anxiety and stress at bay

•Make use of exceptional cleansing properties of this hydrosol in makeup removers to restore the pH balance



Historically, lemon water has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a detoxifying agent that prevents toxins buildup, thereby aiding digestion and hydration. The natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties soothe cuts and wounds and curb infections. People struggling with insomnia often diffuse or inhale this hydrosol that assists deep and relaxing good night's sleep. The lemon hydrosol suppliers provide products that are 100% organic and safe.

Since it is a potent source of antioxidants and vitamin C, it reduces the risks of certain cardiovascular diseases, and also promotes replenished and nourished skin. The aroma of lemon hydrosol has an upbeat and cheerful scent reminiscent of summer and warm weather that emits a positive influence on your mind and thoughts.

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