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Kokum Butter

(Garcinia Indica)
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Botanical Name : Garcinia Indica
Cas# : 68956-68-3
Color : Pale Yellow solid fat
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : N/A
Method Of Extraction : Cold Pressed
Constituents : Tri-Glycerides and Vegetable fats
Solubility : Insoluble in water & soluble in oil and alcohol
Specific Gravity : 898-90
Flash Point : 98° C
Optical Rotation : N/A
Source : N/A


Kokum Butter Manufacturer and EO Description:

Fruits are carefully gathered by handpicking. Long rods are used to shake the tree branches, and any fruit that falls is collected. Sticks are used to break the fruits apart so that the hand-picked seeds can be collected. The separated seeds are then dried to remove moisture from them. The kernels are broken down, after which the pulp is cooked in water and the lipids are skimmed out. Then its manufacturers squeeze these seeds using an expeller to get butter from them.

Kokum Butter
Kokum Butter

Kokum Butter Benefits:

When applied, kokum butter is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin. Because of its triglyceride structure, it is frequently used as a substitute for cocoa butter. Kokum butter has emollient qualities and strong oxidative stability, both of which can help maintain the integrity of an emulsion. It is perfect for lipsticks and balms because of its somewhat lower melting point compared to skin temperatures. Additionally, it is used in the creation of body lotions and bar soaps.


Parent Plant Overview:

The Garcinia Indicia tree, which is growing in India, yields kokum butter. It is a highly valued commodity that is extensively used. It is brown and golden in colour and has a faint earthy smell. Its texture is like marble. Smooth butter is a very practical substance that is thought to support suppleness, elasticity, and flexibility. It functions as a cream, lotion, and remedy. It can be applied straight to the skin while it is solid. But you'll need to only very slightly warm it. The cosmetics sector can make use of this butter.

Kokum Butter Application: 

Kokum Butter is used in manufacturing lipstick and lip balm. Due to its high melting temperature, it liquefies at body temperature. Body butter, conditioners, creams, and soaps all include kokum butter. Kokum butter is also used in the cosmetic, make-up foundation, hair care, toiletry, body butter, skin tonics, acne treatments, shaving cream, bar soaps, pharmaceutical, and cream industries. The greatest butter may be made by mixing cocoa butter and kokum butter. Due to its brittle texture, this butter is best utilised as a balm and for shaves.

Word of Caution:

Kokum butter should be stored with caution because they are delicate. The utmost care should be taken when handling and storing it. It should only be kept in a cool, dark environment. It can only have the longest shelf life when it is properly stored. Kokum butter must be stored out of children's reach and away from their eyes.

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