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Organic Cardamom Essential Oil

(Elettaria cardamomum)
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Botanical Name : Elettaria cardamomum
Cas# : 8000-66-6
Color : Clear
F.E.M.A. # : 2241
Cultivation : Organic
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : 1,8-Cineole, a-Terpinyl Acetate, Linalyl acetate, (+)-Limonene
Solubility : Soluble in alcohol
Specific Gravity : 0.921 to 0.936
Flash Point : 134.6°F
Optical Rotation : +22 to +41
Source : Seeds


Organic cardamom Essential Oil Manufacturer and EO Description:

Cardamom pods and seeds are famous for their intense sweet-spicy smell. The cardamom essential oil manufacturers distill the seeds to extract a thin clear oil with a spicy, woody, and sweet fragrance. It contains antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and also some cancer suppressor agents. Cardamom essential oil blends well with Cinnamon, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, clove, ginger, and Ylang Ylang essential oil. The Organic cardamom essential oil suppliers also provide other such essential oils for the blend.

Organic Cardamom Essential Oil

Organic Cardamom Essential Oil Applications:

Organic cardamom essential oil is added to bakery items, confectionery, or chewing gums for its sweet-spicy flavor. It has a that is used as a flavoring component in mouth fresheners. Many tribes apply its dilution as an antiseptic on insect bites and skin infections. It is beneficial in aromatherapy for its warming properties. Cardamom essential oil is also prominent in toothpaste, mouthwashes, and some mouth fresheners to maintain overall oral health. The Organic Cardamom Essential Oil Exporter in India offers the oil for all the benefits and uses mentioned above to worldwide users. 

Organic Cardamom Essential Oil

Organic Cardamom Essential Oil Benefits:

Cardamom oil is the flavoring ingredient in many beverage formulations. It is valuable as a complementary note in perfume formulations. The cosmetic manufacturers add it to skincare products such as lotions, creams, massage oils, and body oils for its fragrance and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Many herbal and mouth-sweetener products contain this oil.


Parent Plant Overview

Cardamom, also known as green cardamom, is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. It has its roots in Southern India, but many countries such as China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Guatemala, and others in tropical regions have naturalized it and now cultivate it extensively. Cardamom trees grow 6 ft. to 13 ft. in height. The leaves of cardamom alternate in two ranks, they have a long-pointed tip and are 16 inches to 24 inches long. It has white to lilac violet flowers, and three-sided yellow-green fruit pods. These small seed pods of plants with a thin papery outer shell and black seeds are known as green cardamoms.

Word of Caution:

The cardamom essential oil wholesale manufacturer recommends taking the precautionary measures as follows, it is advised to use only in dilute form, excess use of this oil should be avoided, and one should keep it away from children as it may cause breathing problems due to its 1,8-cineole content.

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