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Cardamom Extra Floral Absolute Oil

(Cardomo Eletaria)
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Botanical Name : Cardomo Eletaria
Cas# : 8000-6-6
Color : Yellowish Green
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation : N/A
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Myrcene, A-terpineol
Solubility : Alcohol and other organic solvents are soluble, but water is insoluble
Specific Gravity : 0.920-0.936
Flash Point : 70
Optical Rotation : +22.0-+44.0
Source : N/A


Cardamom extra Floral Absolute Oil Manufacturer and EO Description:

Cardamom extra floral oil manufacturers use the steam distillation method to extract this oil from seeds of the cardamom plant, It is frequently used in perfumery and has a rich, warm, floral aroma. Cardamom seeds are recognised as a digestive, as well as being useful in treating gas, minor stomach issues, and spasms. Additionally, it is used in ice cream, cakes, and other baked goods. Cardamom Absolute Oil, which has mild sedative qualities, is widely used as a fragrance in soaps, perfumes, detergents, and other personal care items in addition to flavoring medications.

Cardamom Extra Floral Absolute Oil
Cardamom Extra Floral Absolute Oil

Cardamom extra Floral Absolute Oil  Benefits:

Cardamom extra floral oil oils have been used since ancient times and are widely known for their therapeutic benefits. Some Essential Oils are beneficial for respiratory issues, while others are indispensable for issues with anxiety, melancholy, stress, insomnia, emotional instability, and the mind. The use of this oil can improve the blood flow to the area. This oil can be applied topically, diffused, or used inhalation for many purposes.


Parent Plant Overview:

Although it is possible to gather wild cardamom fruits from plants that are native to the damp woods of southern India, the majority of cardamom is grown in India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. Just before they reach maturity, the fruits are plucked or trimmed off the stems, cleaned, and dried in the sun or in a heated curing chamber. In the fumes of burning sulphur, cardamom can be bleached to a creamy white colour. The tiny stems of the capsules are eliminated by winnowing after curing and drying. Cardamom that has been decorated comprises dried, husked seeds. The cardamom plant's leafy shoots extend 1.5 to 6 meters (5 to 20 feet) from the branching rootstock.

Cardamom extra Floral Absolute Oil Application:  

Cardamom Essential Oil is good for a variety of health issues, including decreasing high blood pressure. In studies, it was discovered that giving cardamom to adults produced fantastic outcomes. Cardamom has anti-inflammatory ingredients that are helpful for chronic inflammation problems. As is well known, chronic diseases may be a possibility as a result of chronic inflammation. Additionally, the antioxidants in cardamom may be useful in preventing cell damage.


Word of Caution:

However the cardamom flower's absolute oil is produced using a high-quality traditional process, some people are allergic to cardamom oil and its aroma. Therefore if you feel an itching or irritation after applying the oil immediately wash it. Furthermore, cardamom oil should not be consumed by women who are pregnant or nursing. It might be harmful to their unborn child.

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