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Organic Ginger Essential Oil Fresh

(Zingiber Officinalis)
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Botanical Name : Zingiber Officinalis
Cas# : 8007-08-7
Color : Yellow to pale yellow
F.E.M.A. # :
Cultivation :
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Pinene, camphene, 1,8-cineole, linalool
Solubility : Soluble in Alcohol, Insoluble in Water
Specific Gravity : 0.870 to 0.885
Flash Point : 121ºC
Optical Rotation : -28 to -7
Source :


Organic Ginger Essential Oil Manufacturer and EO Description:

The thin, light-yellow liquid is extracted from the ginger rhizome by steam distillation method. Fresh ginger oil is a transparent pale yellow fluid with a warm spicy-sweet scent that includes citric and woody overtones. Aromatherapy is the most common application for ginger essential oil. It is, however, also used to cure skin and hair. Basil, cajeput, rosemary, cedarwood, rosewood, melissa, and Pimento Leaf Oil all work well with ginger oil. Pure Organic Ginger Essential Oil Suppliers offer many essential oils for blends throughout the world

Organic Ginger Essential Oil Fresh

Organic Ginger Essential Oil Uses

It's a common ingredient in cosmetics, toiletries, and other skincare items. Ginger oil is used in massage oils to relieve pain and in perfumes to give them an oriental scent. It's utilized as a flavoring agent in ready-to-eat foods and as a therapeutic element in herbal products. Its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory characteristics make it ideal for skin and hair care products. Organic Ginger Essential Oil Worldwide Suppliers provide the oil all across the globe with their standard packaging.

Organic Ginger Essential Oil Fresh

Organic Ginger Essential Oil Benefits

The Organic Ginger Essential Oil has compounds that promote fresh hair development while also reducing breakouts and hair loss. The use of ginger essential oil on a regular basis helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improve digestion, and increase appetite. It also helps to relieve stomach and intestine discomfort, and inflammation and enhances respiratory organ health. Organic Ginger Essential Oil Suppliers provide the oil in all parts of the globe in bulk quantities.


Parent Plant Overview:

Ginger is a perennial herb that is native to India. It typically reaches a height of 3-4 feet and has broad, spreading tuberous roots. The roots directly produce short leaves and white or yellow blooms with purple borders. Ginger plants thrive in warm, humid climates with plenty of open space and average rainfall. The plant's leaves are nearly 6 to 12 inches long and extend. The ginger leaves are arranged in two vertical rows that rise from the coverings that encircle the stem. The ginger flower is arranged in dense cone-like spikes. The blossoms are 2 to 3 inches long and one inch thick.

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