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Organic Camphor Essential Oil

(Cinnamomum Camphora)
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Botanical Name : Cinnamomum Camphora
Cas# : 8008-51-3
Color : Colorless to Pale Yellow
F.E.M.A. # : 2231
Cultivation : Conventional
Method Of Extraction : Steam Distillation
Constituents : Cineole, Camphene, Limonene
Solubility : Soluble in alcohol
Specific Gravity : 0.870-0.910
Flash Point : 210° F
Optical Rotation : +20 to +35.0
Source : Wood


Organic Camphor Essential Oil Manufacturer and EO Description:

Camphor Oil is extracted from different parts of the plant. It is extracted through the steam distillation process and it is used for health, beauty, and combating other skin-related issues. In spite of the fact that these oils can be obtained from every part of the tree, still, leaves are considered to be the best for this as it has a quicker regeneration rate. The oil is vacuum rectified to improve its usability as a therapeutic oil. Camphor oil blends well with basil, cajeput, rosemary, cedarwood, rosewood, melissa, and pimento leaf oils. Organic Camphor oil suppliers also provide other such Natural Essential Oils for the blend.

Organic Camphor Essential Oil

Organic Camphor  Essential Oil Applications:

This effective organic oil is in demand for its properties such as anti-inflammatory, insecticide, and disinfectant. It is used as an ingredient in making vapor rubs, liniments, and balms. It is added to massage oils to numb and cool nerve endings, followed by a warm sensation.

Organic Camphor Essential Oil

Organic Camphor Essential Oil Benefits:

Its high cineole content makes it a useful expectorant, and anti-inflammatory ingredient. During the 14th Century in the middle-east, this was used in sanitizing during the plague where it was known to be an effective disinfectant ingredient. It was used as a powerful ingredient in the preparation of many medicines.

In today’s world also, this is widely used in the development of many medical purposes. The Camphor Essential Manufacturers supply natural camphor oils of the finest quality to derive their natural benefits.


Parent Plant Overview:

Camphor is a well-known substance used in offering religious prayers in every Indian household. It possesses multiple medicinal properties parallel to its strong scent. The camphor tree is a tall indigenous tree found in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and India. Camphor trees can grow at a height of 35 meters. It has pale fissured rough bark and glossy and waxy leaves that emit a camphorous fragrance when crushed. Camphor tree is considered a sacred tree in Japan. while in China it is used to obtain camphor and wood.

Word of Caution:

As a Camphor essential oil supplier, we advise using this oil in dilution. Avoid its usage in case someone is sensitive to Camphor and Nursing mothers and pregnant ladies should not use the oil unless suggested by the doctor. It is advised to use in dilute form for better results.

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