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Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

(Eucalyptus Globulus)
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Botanical Name : Eucalyptus Globulus
Cas# : 8000-48-4
Color : Pale yellow to yellowish
F.E.M.A. # : N/A
Cultivation :
Method Of Extraction : Steam distillation
Constituents : Monoterpenes, aromatic phenols, ketones, etc.
Solubility : Insoluble water, but soluble in alcohol and oil
Specific Gravity : 0.887 – 0.905
Flash Point : 170°F
Optical Rotation : 5 -.7
Source : Leaves


Parent Plant Overview

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree, which can be found in the evergreen forests of various Asian countries. Originally, the tree was found in India and Australia. In many parts of the world, the tree is also known as the Blue Gum. The leaves of the tree are long and sharp, while the bark is yellow-brown. The average height of a Eucalyptus plant is around 150-180 feet. The eucalyptus plants also have white flowers, though they are not used to produce certified organic eucalyptus essential oil.

Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil Manufacturer and EO Description

The bluish-green leaves of the Eucalyptus plants have been collected for oil extraction. Besides leaves, the oil can also be extracted from the stem or wood. 

Certified organic eucalyptus essential oil manufacturers use the plant's leaves to produce Eucalyptus essential oil, which has a unique medicinal and herby smell.The essential oil extracted from the plant's leaves has strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. For such medicinal properties, eucalyptus essential oil has been used for producing body creams, lotions, antiseptic creams, and many more.

Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Ways to Use Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

?   Add a few drops of the eucalyptus essential oil to the diffuser or stream bowl before bathing.

?   Add 5-6 drops of the oil to the water and soak a cloth in the water. You can use the cloth to keep on the forehead to reduce body temperature during fever.

?   Add 5-10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the coconut oil to create an oil mixture. Apply the oil mixture on the hair to strengthen hair roots.

Word of Caution

As a Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil manufacturer, we strongly recommend applying the essential oil on the skin after mixing with the carrier oil. You should keep the oil far from the reach of the kids. If it enters kids' eyes, ears, and noses, it can create discomfort for them. If you experience skin irritation after applying eucalyptus essential oil with a carrier oil, you should avoid further use of it on your skin.

Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil Wellness Benefits

Eucalyptus oil can also treat respiratory wounds, ailments, and ulcers. Smelling eucalyptus can clear nasal congestion. For all these reasons, eucalyptus essential oil has been used in aromatherapy extensively.

Eucalyptus can treat respiratory tract congestion, ulcers, and infections. Smelling the eucalyptus vapor can help people recover from common coughs, cold, flu, etc. Certified organic eucalyptus essential oil mixed with coconut oil or other carrier oil can strengthen hair roots. Applying the mixture daily can reduce dandruff, rapid hair fall, and dry scalp problems.

Certified Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil Applications

The medicine production industry has a high demand for eucalyptus oil from certified organic eucalyptus essential oil suppliers. In various skin ointments and creams, this essential oil improves functionality and aroma. At the same time, the antiseptic property of the oil increases the benefits of skin creams and ointments.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also used for producing aromatic cosmetics and perfumes. Bathing soaps and shampoos also include oil as an important ingredient. This oil renders mental calmness and a relaxing feeling in spa and aromatherapy.



It is advised to use this oleoresin in aluminum containers earliest or transfer it to dark amber glass bottles on receiving. The certified organic eucalyptus essential oil wholesale suppliers suggest storing in cool, dark places away from sunlight.

Documents Available For Quality Verification

As a certified organic eucalyptus essential oil exporter, we provide a Certificate of Analysis to the customers and GCMS reports for the delivered products on request.

Global Coverage

Our enterprise delivers the Certified Organic Coriander Oilin almost all locations of the world as the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, France, Spain, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and many other countries of the world as an international certified organic eucalyptus essential oil wholesale supplier. Contact our customer care for the delivery of oleoresins at your doorstep.

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